How I Catalog My Rubber Stamps

As part of the Get Organized Challenge I am cataloging some of my craft supplies for the first time.  I have  decided to do this electronically.  I found an excellent iPad/iPhone app called MyStuff2 by Rick Maddy. It is an inventory app that comes with preprogramed inventory lists for common household and personal items. The best part is that it is totally customizable to create your own unique lists.

I have to admit that storing this info electronically is a little scary for me since you always hear about apps 
crashing and such. I am making sure to make multiple backups after each session of adding inventory or during, if I have been at it for awhile.  The great thing is you can easily backup to iTunes, iCloud, Google Docs, your computer and more!

I do have to admit that setting up a new inventory list was a little bit of work and not so easy to figure out, but once that was done, inputting info is super easy.

Here is a screenshot of how I set up this database:

I numbered the stamps WM for wood mounted and then started numbering at 01 (you need the zero for sorting purposes); put the drawer number the stamp is in; categories it fits into (I can always add more categories in case I forgot something); product number and name if it is available; manufacturer; size is blank because I started to measure the stamps and was realizing there was no uniform size. Since I am taking a picture of every stamp, I placed a ruler next to it.  I did the first 30 with a size and then going forward the rest will just have the picture with the ruler.  If I am up to it, will retake pictures with a ruler another time.

Continuing on, let me explain the technique field.  I have bought stamps that are made specifically or go along well with a specific technique.  Thought this might be something good to go in the database too.  Most times this field will be empty, but this still allows me to sort by technique.

You can zoom in on your picture by clicking on the image: 

 The best part is the sorting feature.  You can sort multiple ways and then you can ask it to give an image gallery.  Here is what I got when I searched for flowers.  You can then click on the image to get the details.  How awesome is that!!  I started to write a tutorial on how I did this, but there is so much to say, I think a video might be better.  Think I will do that when I am ready to do my punches.  Let me know if you would like a video on how to do that.
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