Get Organized Challenge-Week #6 Recap

This week’s challenge was to organize stamps, punches and cutting systems.  Since I’m a GOTTALOT…or maybe I should say GOTTATON… I will definitely be revisiting this challenge over the coming weeks.

I have a lot to share about this challenge, so let me begin by telling you my plan for dividing and conquering this task. I started with my stamps.  These, like all my other supplies were semi-sorted.   I have Wood Mounts (AFTER sorting and purging…580 total to be exact), Clear Stamps, Cling Mounted Stamps, and Unmounted Rubber Stamps.  Thankfully, I don’t have nearly as many of the last three categories, but for Clear Stamps I still would consider myself a GOTTALOT.

Okay.  So I started with my wood mounted stamps. I had them sorted by categories, so I decided to keep them that way. The only thing is they were piled in Iris cart drawers and I had to dig through them.  I also had some stamps in those skinny white drawers pictured below, too.  (Those are Stamp & Store drawers, a discontinued item from Cropper Hopper). 

This is an Ikea Expedit that is upstairs in my house.  I am gradually moving what I can into my downstairs craft room to make it more convenient.

Next, I purged:  I gave away about 75 stamps.  Meant to take a picture as proof, but I forgot.

Then I put all my stamps into the Cropper Hopper drawers (I have 35 total of those drawers). Next, I numbered each stamp. As I said above, I ended up with 580.  They are parked on my dining room table to be cataloged.

So far I have cataloged seven drawers, and this is where they are going to be stored:

Here is a closeup of my labeled drawers.  I like to use clear labels because they look neater. As you can see I have cataloged 72 stamps.  I consider that great progress!

For larger stamps that do not fit in the Cropper Hopper Drawers, they are stored in the pull-out drawers in my organized only space:

Going forward, I have decided that if I buy a new stamp, I have to get rid of an old one.  This way my stamps will still fit in their designated area.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you how I am cataloging everything.  Also, would be delighted to hear how you did for this challenge.

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  1. Katherine says:

    Amazing progress! Great job!
    Wish I had something so perfect to store mine in. I just can't seem to find something to store them in so that they are neat and easy to look through. I may end up removing the stamps from the wood just to cut down on the need for something like this. Although, I'm not sure what I'll store them in even if I do that. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm a gottatonandahalf when it comes to stamps. : )
    Lookin' forward to your next post!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Paper Patti says:

    Hi Katherine:

    Happy I inspired you. I thought of unmounting my stamps, too. If you dounmount them, the Scrap Rack Pages would be a good place to store them. Good luck with your organizing!

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