Get Organized Challenge-Week #3 Recap

Week #3 of the Get Organized Challenge was to Start Sorting a Container at a Time.  Well, this week I didn’t finish, but I definitely made excellent progress.  I have tons of embellishments and my rainbow section is all sorted and bagged.  I have a begun to put them into my Scrap Rack Pages, I just need more to finish.  I bought a sample pack to start, but now that I know what I have, I have a better idea of how many pages I might need.

I can’t tell you enough what a great feeling it is to have completed that much this week.  What I can do is show you pictures of how beautiful my sorted embellishments look!  It sounds crazy, but I can’t stop looking through my binder.  I even brought it to work to show it off to my coworkers.

I posted my sorting process in my Week #1 Recap post.  Here are some more pictures of how I went from sorting to putting them in pages.

  1. Flower drawer before.
  2. Sorting of flowers into like colors.
  3. Sorting of bagged rainbow embellishments into plastic shoeboxes.
  4. Albums waiting for sorted pages, and the rainbow boxes I have left to put into the pages.  Just stacked them without the covers to save space.
Album with sorted Scrap Rack Pages.

I am trying to use what I have before I buy more storage bins.  These are albums I used to carry samples in back from my days as a scrapbook sales rep.  I got them at the Container Store.  They are a heavy duty plastic and zip closed, so it will keep the dust out.  I think I will be able to fit the rest of my rainbow embellishments into the six albums I have.  Theme stuff is next for me to sort, maybe that will fit, too?  Or at least some of it.

Okay, got to go now, it’s almost time for the Week #4 Webinar…Photos…talk about a challenge!  Wish  me luck.

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