Get Organized Challenge Week #2 Recap

This week’s Get Organized Challenge was Piles of Paper.  I thought this challenge would be tough, but it ended up being not so bad.  Solid cardstock was easy because I had that pretty much sorted and just had to file in the strays.  The pattern papers were hard because I never organized them before and they could get sorted into multiple categories.  But following Tiffany’s advise, I just kept asking myself, “how would I use this?” and that helped a lot. I ended up giving away two boxes of paper and keeping two boxes.  Those two boxes already found a happy home…along with many other boxes of stuff.  Can’t tell you enough what a awesome feeling that is.

As far as scraps go, they were mostly cardstock and I decided to get rid of almost all of them and start from scratch.  I just kept specialty scraps since those papers are hard to come by.

1.Where I kept most of my paper before I started the challenge.
2. Other papers I found stashed in various places.
3. My sorted papers by color and theme in holding boxes.
4. My organized only supply space.  I rearranged things a little and am waiting to see how my embellishments might fit in there, as well.

I’m ready for Week #3.  How about the rest of you?

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  1. looks like a nice system you have there! Can't wait to see it when it is all done. Nice job on the sorting!

  2. mjblahnik56 says:

    Such cute tags TFS