Fiskateers Orange Blog Hop and Giveaway

Welcome to the Fiskateers Orange Blog Hop! I’m so glad you could join us. If you came from Jan J/Far North’s Blog-Fiskateer #7263 you are on the right track! If you didn’t, you may want to hop to the Fiskateers Blog and start at the beginning.The blog hop starts on Friday, September 10 and ends on Saturday, September 11, 2010. Each blog on the hop will be doing an orange project using a Fiskars tool and some will be giving away blog candy. My giveaway is at the end of this post. Keep reading for details.

My project is a video on how to make flowers with Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky-Back Canvas and Fiskars Ultra ShapeXpress Cutter, Tag Template and the Large Round ‘N Round Circle Punch.

Click on the small green arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the video player to view the “Easy Steps” as you watch the video. You can print out the supply list and the instructions for this technique by clicking on “Howcast” in the lower right-hand corner of the video player. Once you arrive at the Howcast site, click on the printer icon.
Here is the prize I will be giving away. (One 8.5 x 11 package of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky-Back Canvas and two jars of Claudine Hellmuth Studio Acrylic Paint) Generously donated by Ranger. Leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway. One winner will be picked at random. Winner announced Sunday, September 12 by 9:00am EST.

Next on the hop is Stayce Dewid-Fiskateer #2985 be sure to stop by and visit.
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  1. I watched the video. You did an incredible job. I love flowers and you taught this great. I can't wait to try it myself.

  2. Hi, I love Claudine's sticky back canvas & paints & I loved this video. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flower. cheers.

  3. Oh I have been so wanting to try her sticky back canvas. Karin H #6470

  4. I'm a fiskateer too I've heard of sticky back canvas and seen it used in lots of projects but havent found it around where I live. I tried to watch your video but my internet is giving me a hard time so will come back later to try again.

  5. An incredible job, as usual.
    Bette Loray

  6. Hi Patti:

    Great video and explaination. ?i always enjoy your videos.

  7. Hi Neighbor! Fabulous video! I will need to order more of Claudine's sticky back canvas! What a fun product.

  8. Great tutorial Patti… the flower …must get me some of this canvas sticky backs…..looks great

  9. Kelly Massman says:

    Great tutorial!! Fun giveaway, too! Thanks for a chance to win! I'm a new follower! 7120

  10. Shannon Marie says:

    very nice tutorial!!

    just hopping by to say hello to my fellow blog hop participant!!! :)

  11. I have all that stuff! I've struggled to use my Shapexpress cutter but am gonna practice! Thanks! Glad you share my love for TH stuff too!


  12. Thanks for the video! Now I have to get my canvas out (scraps) and play! Great project.

  13. Lisa's Scrap Site says:


  14. Genevieve Rodriguez says:

    Wow! Ok, you totally tricked me for a minute. I was thinking, I have the tag template, I don't have any petals on there. You used circles and curled them up! So smart! Your projects are stunning!

    Love Claudine Hellmuths products. Ranger sure does round up some talent!

    Genevieve #839 (fellow bloghop participant)

  15. Your projects are so cute!!! I love Claudine's products, too!

  16. ScrappyDandyDoo says:

    Wow fantastic job πŸ˜€
    I love Claudines products πŸ˜€
    J xx

  17. NANCY LEFKO says:

    what a great prize package… all of Claudine's great projects :)

  18. Great video. Love Claudine's materials – they open a whole new world of creativity! Hope I win!

  19. Thanks for taking your time to do this! It's amazing :)

  20. leslie (crookedstamper) says:

    I LOVE Claudine's sticky-back canvas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Linda Elbourne says:

    Wonderful job Patti … I shall definitely be giving this one a go! Have a great weekend!

  22. beautiful flowers!

  23. CraftyAlice says:

    I enjoyed that. Thanks from new fiskateer #7351

  24. You have such great ideas. Love Claudine's Ranger products. They are always reliable and fun!


  25. I am currently taking an online class with Claudine and LOVE her products!!! Thanks for sharing the video! Very pretty. I also enjoyed your blog :)

  26. Stayce DeWid says:

    loved the video. thank you for taking the time

    Go Orange!
    Stayce #2985

  27. Love Claudine's items – great giveaway.

  28. I love Claudine's things – she's so talented

  29. Alyice Edrich says:

    So many entries for such a FUN prize. Great video.

  30. Fantastic projects! Thanks for the video & the inspiration.
    Tona #4437

  31. Great video for really cool products. Very inspiring. TFS

  32. Would love to win so I can make some of those fantastic flowers! Thanks for sharing.
    Cheryl #4362

  33. wow..super cute! Thanks for taking the time to do a video, much appreciated!

    patty 2832

  34. Thanks for the fun stop on the hop!

    Tifany #5942

  35. cute project
    Joan fiskateer 808.

  36. very cool flowers. thanks for the video tutorial and chance to win such great goodies!

    stephanie #3584

  37. Oh how cool, what a great tutorial!! I love that canvas!

  38. I hadn't heard of the sticky back canvas before…great flowers!

  39. loved the video… would love to try the sticky back canvas!

  40. Great job and thanks for the tutorial. Love your flowers and blog.

  41. Hi Patti,
    Awesome idea, love your projects! Makes me want to get crafting!!

  42. Hi Patti:
    Really cute flower – can't wait to try it! Maybe I will do a Halloween version…

  43. I'm taking C. Hellmuth's class over at BPS and love it.I love your flowers and your cards are beautiful!!!

  44. jigglipuff7575 says:

    Great Tutorial. Thanks agian for the rak.

    Ashani # 4682

  45. I managed to watch the video on my wobbly internet connection. great flowers!

    I'd so love to get my hands on some sticky back canvas. It isn't here that I know of in NZ yet.

  46. What an awesome project and tutorial. I have heard of this product but NEVER used it before. tHanks for a chance to get to try it!! – Marla#3291

  47. Great project and tutorial. Now I have to buy sticky back canvas.

    CarolN 6158

  48. Ohhhhh, I love Claudine Hellmuth's paint. It's like creme on paper. I use it on metal for a distressed look. Then I emboss the project. I have never tried the Sticky Back Canvas. Thanks for a chance to win some!


  49. Fabulous flowers ~ thanks for the how-to.

  50. Teresa Godines #6857 says:

    Wonderful video.

  51. Linda Peterson says:

    Thanks for the great video! What a neat product!

  52. WOW! Thanks for posting the video and the instructions on Howcast! That was great!
    Dot #6703

  53. Fabulous Flowers.

    Christine C #2264

  54. What a great technique! Thanks for the video – you did a great job!

    Katherine #6847

  55. Very cool project, Patti.

  56. Wonderful video. Want to try those flowers. I have not yet tried the canvas.

    New to many of these blogs and am having fun hopping.

  57. AngieMSaunders says:

    now to find my sticky back canvas i know its here somewhere….hahaha what a cute finish….thanks for sharing ur craft!!

  58. jackie 4124 says:

    Amazing flowers. Thanks for sharing the tutorial

  59. Mary #5509
    Cool project, thanks for sharing it with us! Love it!

  60. TracyM #6773 says:

    Love your cards & tags Patti!!!
    Thank you for making & sharing your tutorial in making those flowers – will definitely be making some :)
    I have subscribed and will be coming back to look through your blog and to watch some more videos.
    I haven't heard of or tried many of the techniques & tools you have used and would love the chance to win your RAK but fully understand if you don't include me as I'm international.

  61. Awesome video. What a wonderfully, crafty, Fiskateer project. Thanks for sharing your creativity. #6243

  62. I HAVE to come back here and play when I get more time. Great project. Donna 6036

  63. Great video tutorial. Love the flowers & your projects. I'll have to keep my eye open & see if any of the LSS in my area (Ont., Canada) sell it. So far I haven't seen it. Thanks for sharing.doverdi #1329

  64. Great video,your flowers are wonderful! Thanks for the fun blog hop! Donna #4454

  65. #2567
    Great video, love the flowers!


    {Pattie's passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  66. Beautiful flower and super video. You did an excellent job. I love the print out option-wonderful for me!

  67. loved the video never heard of the sticky back canvas before.

  68. Bonnie in SC says:

    What a unique little flower. Thanks for showing how to make it.
    ~Bonnie in SC #7278

  69. Bonnie in SC says:

    What a unique little flower. Thanks for showing how to make it.
    ~Bonnie in SC #7278

  70. Bonnie in SC says:

    What a unique little flower. Thanks for showing how to make it.
    ~Bonnie in SC #7278

  71. Bonnie in SC says:

    What a unique little flower. Thanks for showing how to make it.
    ~Bonnie in SC #7278

  72. Bonnie in SC says:

    What a unique little flower. Thanks for showing how to make it.
    ~Bonnie in SC #7278

  73. Lovely flower tutorial! I've never used the sticky back canvas! I'm going to give it a go, I think. Thanks for sharing.
    Jessica #5319

  74. Groovy Deborah says:

    Patti thanks so much for this video! I love watching and learning!!! You are a great artist and I thank you for sharing that :)

  75. Wow that is so fun!

    Michelle 3624

  76. I have heard of the sticky back canvas, but have never seen it used before. Thanks for sharing.

  77. says:

    I love watching video tutorials! So great! Anytime you want to do a special guest tutorial for the Fiskateers- email me =)

  78. I love Claudine's products! Thanks for sharing your work!

  79. What a great video! You do great work on your projects too. Thanks for sharing.

  80. great video, thanks for sharing,

  81. Manhattan Mandie says:

    What a fun project! Great video. I had never heard of Claudine's before but I will be looking for it now! Thanks!!!

  82. I just absolutely LOVE your tutorial method. So nice to have instructions I can copy!! You are a great teacher! I do love the flowers too. I really didn't know about this sticky back canvas, but will have to look for it now. TFS!


  83. I have so wanted to try this stuff but no place near me has it thanks for the tutorial

  84. I love this technique – I've never seen the sticky back canvas, but want to try it – thanks!

  85. Thanks for the video – I love Claudine's sticky back canvas and her paints. What a great giveaway.

  86. alteredheart says:

    Absolutely love it. I have been working super hard (3 hours sleep a night X 4) organizing my very own room so I can start CREATING!!!!!

  87. What a great technique. Great job.

    Kim fiskateer 5612

  88. Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 says:

    Those are some seriously beautiful flowers! What a great job!

  89. ChangedbyHim says:

    I loved the video and will refer to it again when I make the real thing. Thanks for the tip again.

  90. Great video. Thanks for doing it. I love the tag.

  91. Thanks for the idea on how to make those flowers. I'll have to remember that for my next project. They look wonderful.
    Fiskateer #1485

  92. karenvonbaron says:

    love your flowers!
    Karen #4500

  93. O How pretty.. I want to make it to.. I Love VIDEO…I can do it so much better when I see it. Thank UUUU

  94. Great flowers. Love the vid. Lucinda #7098

  95. Great project Patti!

    sandy 4165

  96. Cute lookin projects and thanks for the video tutorial.
    Hugs, Rosalee #5977