How to Make Giraffe Prints with Ranger’s Alcohol Inks

This video shows you how to make Giraffe Print with Ranger’s Alcohol Inks.

I have an exciting new format in the video below! I have added step-by-step instructions that you can view as you watch the video and markers at the bottom of the player to find the steps easily. Plus, you can now print the supply list and the instructions.

To view the “Easy Steps” while watching the video, click onto the small green arrow in the upper right hand corner of the video player.

To print the instructions, click onto “Howcast” in the lower right hand corner. It will direct you to their site, where you will see a printer icon that allows you to print the instructions.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

P.S. Please bear with me for the first 15 seconds. My voice is out of sync and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.


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  1. Patti…FABBBBBBULOUS ! SHORT & to the point and great videoing and terrific new special FX…PERFECT ! I'll link it when I do my blog tomorrow !

  2. zandra says:

    Hi Patti, love the technique! Thanks for sharing all your secrets!

  3. Patti, Love the new video. The instructions are made so easy and you explained everything that might be a question. Love the card. Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas and sharing. Jean

  4. Nice format! And it helps to see instructions written out while watching the video.

  5. Artistgirl's Muse says:

    Fantastic Patti! You do such a great job with your videos!!!!

  6. Cindy Rescorl says:

    Love you new format and as always LOVE your techniques! Jaimie will see you at the Distress class at Middletown AC Moore the end of this month!! We can’t wait!

  7. claudine hellmuth says:

    love it!! the easy steps and supply list is perfect!!!

  8. Arlene Stump says:

    Patti…loved it…was very focused and I love the separate supply list…you can go back and copy…great project…now I’m only 3 weeks away from becoming a Grandmother! Perfect Card!…Thanks Arlene

  9. Cards of Marias Cards N´ Scrap Blog says:

    Lovley!!! Must try it out soon, very soon :)


  10. Paper Patti says:

    Thanks for all your nice comments! Looking forward to making more videos with this format soon.


  11. wendy vecchi says:

    REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Cards of Maria says:

    Hi Patti

    I have now tested this technique :)
    You can see the result in my blog –